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my name is pierre rousseau, i am a 29 year old composer + producer from paris, france.
i am also 1/2 of the band 'paradis'.
this website is a way to archive and make sense of the different things i do with other people.

email :
management :
instagram : @prsseau
soundcloud : @prsseau

designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
portrait by andrea montano,
any other photographs my own.


co-produced the new album by french band 'moodoïd' entitled ‘cité champagne’ alongside pablo padovani.

after pablo showed me his early demos, we identified the main segments for each song, and then went into the studio to record live extended improvisations for each of these segments with musicians from paris.

we then spent a few months selecting and editing from these sessions in order to create the arrangement for each song.

the final product is an unlikely association of these tape recordings and home synthesizer programming.

Listen to
la mer
chamberlain hôtel