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Beats In Space


Composer, Producer, Sound Designer.

This website highlights personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commissions.

General :

Commissions :

Identity and Design by Faye & Gina, Website by Tristan Bagot.

Beats In Space

A mix and an interview for Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space show on WNYU, in support of the release of 'Musique Sans Paroles'.


Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien N4, La Remontée Du Village
Oneohtrix Point Never - Russian Mind
Adrien Pallot - Dix-Neuf
Charles Clapaud - Ruptures
The Exaltics - Day By Day
X-102 - Dione
Keyboard - Small Island
Conforce - Carrier Signal
Steve Moore - Frigia
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Reunion
Brian Eno - 2/1
Format - Solid Session
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami
Ligovskoï - Mana
Cyrus - Enforcement
Losange - Atone
X-102 - Phoebe
Leandro Fresco - Nada Es Para Siempre
Choice - Acid Eiffel
Jaap Vink - En Dehors
Carl Matthews - As Above, So Below
Vitess - Choses Etranges
Matthew Jonson - Learning To Fly (Dub)
Dimitris Petsetakis - Dawn
William Eggleston - Untitled Improvisation DAT 3.1 - 2.79
Pierre Rousseau - The Way You Made Me Feel
Kraftwerk - Atem
Takashi Toyoda - Snow
Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien N4, La Remontée Du Village


Pierre Rousseau - Anonyme
Pierre Rousseau - Musique Sans Paroles
Pierre Rousseau - Souvenir
Pierre Rousseau - Pastorale

Listen here.