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my name is pierre rousseau, i am a 28 year old composer + producer from paris, france.
i am also 1/2 of the band 'paradis'
this website is a way to archive and make sense of the different things i do.

email :
management :
instagram : @prsseau
soundcloud : @prsseau

designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
portrait by andrea montano,
all other photographs my own.


In order to celebrate the release of my friends from Études’ collaboration with The New York Times, I have paired personal recordings made walking around New York with a simple collection of music. I have tried to express the complex emotions which can be felt navigating this very special place

Steve Reich - Violin Phase
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy
William Basinski - The Deluge (The Denouement)
Gas - 838
Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris - Slow
Iasos - Lueena Coast
Neu ! - Isi
Laurie Anderson - New York Social Life
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tears
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Color Of Anyhow
Roedelius - Regenwurm
7 Hertz - LVL
Closer Musik - One Two Three No Gravity (Dettinger Mix)
Junior Boys - Last Exit (Fennesz Remix)
Ryoji Ikeda - Data Matrix
The Traveller - Ber

& personal recordings of New York City (throughout)

Listen here

Photography by Tom de Peyret