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Kiosk Radio


my name is pierre rousseau, i am a 29 year old composer + producer from paris, france.
this website is a way to archive and make sense of the different things i do.

i am also 1/2 of the band 'paradis'.

email :
management :
instagram : @prsseau
soundcloud : @prsseau

designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
portrait by marcelo gomes.
any other photographs my own.

Kiosk Radio

recorded a one-hour set of inspirations at 'kiosk radio' in brussels' 'parc royal' on friday september 14th, 2018.

environments 1 - psychologically ultimate seashore (throughout)
guy bonnet & roland romanelli - amour, émoi … et vous
yves tumor - limerence
squarepusher - tommib help buss
ryuichi sakamoto - ワタスゲの原
philippe sarde - la chanson d’hélène (version instrumentale)
serge gainsbourg - je t’aime moi non plus au lac vert
masaaki ohmura - a touch of temptation
eric serra - fancy face
pet shop boys - to face the truth
miharu koshi - keep on dancing
mikado - par hasard
william eggleston - untitled improvisation dat 3.1 - 2.79
première classe - la fille qui rit
miyako koda - a sea of love
harold budd & brian eno - late october (sped up)
telex - tell me it’s a dream
taeko ohnuki - 愛の行方
georges delerue - la nuit américaine

listen here