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i am a french composer, producer, and sound designer born in brussels in 1990, now working in paris.

this website attempts to make sense of the different things i do, highlighting personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commercial work.

day-to-day updates on instagram : @prsseau

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typeface and website designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
photo by charles nègre.


Matter, a new recording consisting of two pieces, or thirty-six minutes of music, featuring a cover photograph by Marcelo Gomes.

Matter was initially commissioned by Barnabé Fillion at Arpa Studios in the summer of 2020, as part of the cross-disciplinary development of a perfume bearing the same name. It was first released as part of a limited run of vinyl, featuring cover art by Nathalie Du Pasquier.

Mastering by Adrien Pallot.


  1. Nolina (20:03)
  2. Ils Annoncent De La Pluie (16:07)