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Memoire De Forme EP


i am a french composer, producer, and sound designer born in brussels in 1990, now working in paris.

this website attempts to make sense of the different things i do, highlighting personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commercial work.

day-to-day updates on instagram : @prsseau

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typeface and website designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
photo by charles nègre.

Memoire De Forme EP

‘mémoire de forme’ is my third release, the follow up to 'musique sans paroles' (2020) and 'mode par défaut' (2021). it is the last in a series of three eps.

listen here.

mastered by adrien pallot
artwork by will work for good
videos by valentin gillet
powered by rvng intl

complete credits.

tracklist :

  1. mémoire de forme
  2. lust
  3. met someone
  4. københavn
  5. tendresse
  6. trust