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NTS Wave Form Eighteen


Composer, Producer, Sound Designer.

This website highlights personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commissions.

General :

Commissions :

Identity and Design by Faye & Gina, Website by Tristan Bagot.

NTS Wave Form Eighteen

A One-Hour Mix on NTS alongside Aurélien Arbet, as 'Wave Form'.


Synergy - Ancestors
Eric Serra - Dark Passage II
Steven Brown - All Night Long
Heldon.G - Bal-A-Fou
Robert Schröder - Utopia
Elektriktus - Second Wave
Tangerine Dream - The Journey
Travelling - Tout Compte Fait
Travelling - Shema
François De Roubaix - Jeff
Germaine Montero - La Ralentie
Morton Subotnick - Touch Part II
Ennio Morricone - Carlotta
Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme From ‘Dune’
Takashi Kokubo - Before Your Dream
Joel Fajerman - Waterproof

Featuring an introduction by Mana Haraguchi.

Photograph by Marcelo Gomes.

Listen here.