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NTS Wave Form Twenty Two


Composer, Producer, Sound Designer.

This website highlights personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commissions.

General :

Commissions :

Identity and Design by Faye & Gina, Website by Tristan Bagot.

NTS Wave Form Twenty Two

A One-Hour Mix on NTS alongside Aurélien Arbet, as ‘Wave Form’.


Making Video - Songs N.2
A La Ping Pong - Klänge Wie Sand Am Meer
Astral Sounds - Solar Rays
ADN’Ckrystall - De Unicornis Creature
Michel Gonet - Moon Walk
Video Aventures - Outpop
Bushido - Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Fluence - A Few Reasons To Stay A Few Reasons To Split
Marco Maiole - Electric Counterpoint - Fast (Movement 3) (Steve Reich)
Kuniyuki Takahashi - Sakura No Mizu
Mario Nascimbene - Totalità Viole-Celli
Emmanuelle Parrenin - La Forêt Bleue
Klaus Schulze - Totem
Don Cherry, Jean Schwarz - Bando
Don Cherry, Jean Schwarz - Tribute To Ornette

Featuring an introduction by Mana Haraguchi.

Photograph by Marcelo Gomes.

Listen here.