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Rvng Catalog Comp Vol 5


Composer, Producer, Sound Designer.

This website highlights personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commissions.

General :

Commissions :

Identity and Design by Faye & Gina, Website by Tristan Bagot.

Rvng Catalog Comp Vol 5

"'The Way You Made Me Feel' is featured as part of RVNG Intl.'s annual 'Catalog Compendium', available now on Bandcamp.


Pierre Rousseau - The Way You Made Me Feel
Tiziano Popoli - Iunu-Wenimo
Nuke Watch - NW2MJF (Tribe)
Andras - Harf Green
Shy One – Route II Romeos
Kate NV - Plans
Josiah Steinbrick - Full Bloom
Aki Tsuyuko - Solitary Tiger
Greg Fox - Ill Being
Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz - Up Up Up Stay
Michele Mercure - Solo Dance
Ka Baird - Heaven and Hell
Dylan Moon - Oh No
Pauline Anna Strom - Marking Time
Emily A. Sprague - Mirror
Lord Of The Isles - Sisters
Lucrecia Dalt - No Era Sólida
Oliver Coates - Soaring X (Featuring Malibu)
Sign Libra - Sea Of Nectar
Tomasz Guiddo w/ Rexy & Grzegorz Bojanek - Narcissist (Vic's Alternative Version)
Dukes of Chutney - Mystic Ape