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Tsugi Mix


i am a french composer, producer, and sound designer born in brussels in 1990, now working in paris.

this website attempts to make sense of the different things i do, highlighting personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commercial work.

day-to-day updates on instagram : @prsseau

email :
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typeface and website designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
photo by charles nègre.

Tsugi Mix

a chronological mix of records for tsugi, detailing the influences of ‘musique sans paroles’.

tracklist :

Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No. 1 (France Clidat) (1888)
Isao Tomita - Clair De Lune (Suite Bergamasque, No. 3) (1974)
Suzanne Ciani - Concert At WBAI Free Music Store (Extract) (1975)
Michael Garrison - To The Other Side Of The Sky (1979)
Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4 (Ruhige Nervösität / Quiet Nervousness) (1980)
Moderne - Eldorado (1981)
Bernard Parmegiani - Départ Serge (1982)
Spectral Display - Axolotl I-II (1982)
Astral Sounds - Mixed Sells (Extract) (1982)
New Musik - Green And Red (Respectively) (1982)
Interior - Hot Beach (1985)
The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Beaten) (1985)
Michael Brook - Distant Village (Featuring Brian Eno + Daniel Lanois) (1985)
Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It (1986)
Gigi Masin - Clouds (1989)
Michele Mercure - Mother (1990)
Tech Trax Inc. - State Of The Art (Unautomated Mix) (1990)
M500 & 3MB - The Cosmic Courier (1993)
Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes (1999)
XOR Gate - Ellipse (2018)
Pierre Rousseau - Anonyme (2019)

listen here.

also available as a playlist on spotify.