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LYL Radio Wave Form One


i am a french composer, producer, and sound designer born in brussels in 1990, now working in paris.

this website attempts to make sense of the different things i do, highlighting personal releases alongside a selection of collaborations and commercial work.

day-to-day updates on instagram : @prsseau

email :
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typeface and website designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
photo by charles nègre.

LYL Radio Wave Form One

a one-hour mix on lyl radio alongside aurélien arbet, as ‘wave form’.

tracklist :

Didier Bocquet – Le Chemin Du Silence (Part 2)
Steve Reich – Come Out
Barry Christian – Minidodo
Mica Levi – Guerreros
Giampero Boneschi – Engine And Tools
The National Commitee For A Sane Nuclear Policy – Public Service Announcements – Steve Allen
Gerardo Iacouci – La Caverna
Jonathan Fitoussi – Rayons De Saurus
Les Conférences Planète – Vision Cosmique, Vision Humaine (1)
Parish Council – Museum Weather
Roland Hollinger – Aurora
Adrien Pallot – Dix-Neuf
Kema – Diu
Stomu Yamash’ta – Drizzly Step
Pas De Deux – Squeezing
Conrad Schnitzler – Ballet Statique
Les Conférences Planète – Vision Cosmique, Vision Humaine (2)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Reunion
Mai 1968 – Documents Originaux Enregistrés Sur Place Pendant Les Évènements De Mai 1968
Suzanne Cianni – Livixation (Ronald Mallory Art Film Collaboration)
Einsturzende Neubaten – Ragout Küche Rezpt Von Einsturzende Neubaten

featuring an introduction by mana haraguchi.

listen here.