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Pierre Rousseau


my name is pierre rousseau, i am a 29 year old composer + producer from paris, france.
this website is a way to archive and make sense of the different things i do.

i am also 1/2 of the band 'paradis'.

email :
management :
instagram : @prsseau
soundcloud : @prsseau

designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
portrait by marcelo gomes.
any other photographs my own.

Musique Ambiante Francaise

featured in 'musique ambiante française vol. 2', a compilation by tigersushi records. 'anonyme' was composed specially for the compilation. it is, formally, my first released piece of music ‘on my own’, outside of collaborations and commercial work.

film loop by joseph bird.

the audio featured on the record was mastered by krikor kouchian. the audio for the video was mastered by adrien pallot.

listen below :

Theo Casciani

performed a live 'electronic' set as part of 'lecture 01', an installation by french author theo casciani, whose first novel, 'retine', has recently been published by p.o.l. the event was part of the centre pompidou's 'extra !' festival, which explores the interpolation of literature and contemporary art.

Projects - © Pierre Rousseau
Caroline Corbasson

composed the original soundtrack for 'à ta recherche / looking for you', a film by artist Caroline Corbasson. the film is currently presented as part of caroline's solo show at the frac in marseille, france.

watch the trailer below :

Lyl Radio

played some records alongside aurélien arbet from études as part of a one-hour show on lyon-paris-based lyl radio.

tracklist :

M Dwinell - Ascend
Terry Riley - Lifespan 1 G Song
Julie Tippetts - Shifting Still
Kraftwerk – Tongebirge
Cluster – Isodea
Sibylle Baier – The End
L'Empire Des Sons – Quand Nos Pères Étaient Des Poissons
Haruomi Hosono – Down To The Earth
New Sound Illustration – Phasing
The System – Vampirella
Peter Boothroyd – Dry
Ben Prunty – Civil Explore
Métamporphoses – Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides – Citron Vert
Laurie Spiegel – Improvisation On A ‘Concerto Generator’
Alain Péters – Maya
Yoichiro Yoshikawa – Nube
Sebastien Tapajes & Pedro Dos Santos – Cabtico Del Agua
Harold Budd – Great Valley Of Gongs
François Kokelaere – Craquements Délicieux
The Mahavishnu Orchestra – Resolution

listen here

La Horde

provided the original score for 'cultes', a short film by [la]horde. the film premiered in march 2019 at the 'eye filmmuseum' in amsterdam, netherlands. it has also been shown at 'palais de tokyo' and 'gaité lyrique' in paris, france.

i also provided a selection of music as part of a live performance of 'cultes' at chiostro del bramante in rome, italy.

Lotte Andersen

provided a score for 'dance therapy', a video installation by artist lotte andersen. the installation is currently presented as part of a group show entitled 'energy flash' in seoul, south korea, running from april 18th to august 25th, 2019.

Pierre Marie
2018 - 2019

provided sound and music for french artist and designer pierre-marie's last two shows ('olu nelum', paris 2019, and 'le jardin d'hiver', toulon 2018), as well as for some of his commercial work.

Nicolas Godin

produced the upcoming second solo record by nicolas godin, from the band 'air'.

this album is the follow up to nicolas' 2015 début, 'contrepoint'.
we have made songs from pieces originally commissioned by xavier veilhan as part of his series of exhibitions entitled 'architectone'.

it is to be released in autumn 2019.


In order to celebrate the release of Études’ collaboration with The New York Times, I have paired personal recordings made walking around New York with a simple collection of music.

Steve Reich - Violin Phase
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy
William Basinski - The Deluge (The Denouement)
Gas - 838
Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris - Slow
Iasos - Lueena Coast
Neu ! - Isi
Laurie Anderson - New York Social Life
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tears
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Color Of Anyhow
Roedelius - Regenwurm
7 Hertz - LVL
Closer Musik - One Two Three No Gravity (Dettinger Mix)
Junior Boys - Last Exit (Fennesz Remix)
Ryoji Ikeda - Data Matrix
The Traveller - Ber

Listen here

Kiosk Radio

recorded a one-hour set of inspirations at 'kiosk radio' in brussels' 'parc royal' on friday september 14th, 2018.

environments 1 - psychologically ultimate seashore (throughout)
guy bonnet & roland romanelli - amour, émoi … et vous
yves tumor - limerence
squarepusher - tommib help buss
ryuichi sakamoto - ワタスゲの原
philippe sarde - la chanson d’hélène (version instrumentale)
serge gainsbourg - je t’aime moi non plus au lac vert
masaaki ohmura - a touch of temptation
eric serra - fancy face
pet shop boys - to face the truth
miharu koshi - keep on dancing
mikado - par hasard
william eggleston - untitled improvisation dat 3.1 - 2.79
première classe - la fille qui rit
miyako koda - a sea of love
harold budd & brian eno - late october (sped up)
telex - tell me it’s a dream
taeko ohnuki - 愛の行方
georges delerue - la nuit américaine

listen here

Modern Obscure Music

'Silent Energy' has been included on 'Ritual Rhythms [of the Obscure Mediterranean Souls]', the latest compilation by the Barcelona-based label 'Modern Obscure Music'. It was originally composed in 2018 by commission from Issey Miyake, and is titled after the show it was part of. 'Silent Energy' was mixed by Nicolas Chaix aka I:Cube.

Issey Miyake

composed the soundtrack for the issey miyake autumn / winter 18 collection entitled ‘silent energy’, which took place in march 2018 at 'palais de tokyo' in paris.

take a look at the collection and listen to the soundtrack below :

Studio Venezia

alongside my friend david numwami from the belgian group ‘le colisée’, i have taken part in french artist xavier veilhan’s installation for the 2017 venice art biennale, ‘studio venezia’.

Etienne Daho

remixed etienne daho’s single ‘les flocons de l’été’ (‘snowflakes of summer’) surrounding the release of his 2017 album ‘blitz’.

Listen to
les flocons de l'été (pierre's other version)
2013 — 2017

alongside simon mény we form the duo 'paradis’.

we have put out one album entitled 'recto verso' (2016), and a few eps : 'couleurs primaires' (2015), 'hémisphère' (2012), and 'parfait tirage' (2011), as well as several remixes.

Listen to
miroir (un)
sur une chanson en français (superpitcher remix)
toi et moi (i:cube remix)