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Pierre Rousseau


i am a composer and producer from paris, france. this website attempts to make sense of the different things i do.

more consistent updates over on instagram : @prsseau

email :
management :

website designed by faye & gina and developed by tristan bagot.
portrait by charles nègre.

Musique Sans Paroles

'musique sans paroles' is my first release with beats in space and my debut solo record. it is the first of a series of three solo releases to come out in 2020 through the nyc-based label.

mastered by adrien pallot
artwork by will work for good
videos by joseph bird
powered by rvng intl.

tracklist :

  1. musique sans paroles
  2. the way you made me feel
  3. ivresse
  4. paris
  5. souvenir
  6. pastorale
Listen to
pierre rousseau - paris
Musique Ambiante Francaise

a track of mine is featured on 'musique ambiante française vol. 2', a compilation curated by tigersushi records. 'anonyme' was composed specially for the compilation.

video by joseph bird.

the audio featured on the record was mastered by krikor kouchian. the audio featured in the video was mastered by adrien pallot.


i occasionally produce records for other artists.

my latest project has been the production of 'concrete and glass', the second album by nicolas godin (from the group air), which came out in january 2020 and features collaborations from kate nv, alexis taylor, kirin j callinan, amongst others.

sometimes i make remixes as an extension of my production work ; i have remixed étienne daho, nicolas godin, etc.

detailed list available on discogs


my friend aurélien arbet and i hold a residency entitled 'wave form' on lyon-paris-based lyl radio, a bi-monthly show in which we select bespoke pieces of music for dance, for film, spoken word, documents, interviews, radio music, library music, art music, etc.

i occasionally post my other sets over on soundcloud


alongside simon mény, we form the duo 'paradis’.

we have put out one album entitled 'recto verso' (2016), and a few eps : 'couleurs primaires' (2015), 'hémisphère' (2012), and 'parfait tirage' (2011), as well as several remixes.

'recto verso' cover photograph by andrea montano

Listen to
paradis - miroir (un)